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    Adding multiple related records



      Adding multiple related records


      Hello there


      After using Access for years I'm slowly trying to find my way around Filemaker and I've hit a problem which I can't work out.  I've looked in my manual for a solution but I'm not sure what I'm looking for!


      I have a database of organisations (table - contacts) with a portal (table - contact log) linked to it to record details of contact with any of these organisations (e.g. details of telephone conversations etc).  We have sent a newsletter out to several hundred of these organisations and I would like to be able to log that information in two fields (date and details) of a new related (portal) record in multiple master records.  I think I would do this with an append query in Access but have no idea what I need to do in Filemaker...


      I hope this makes sense and that someone might be able to help!