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Adding multiple students to a teacher

Question asked by jauquinholmes on May 28, 2013
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Adding multiple students to a teacher


     after much searching on the forums and youtube, i cant completely understand how to do this task still. In the filemaker templates i found a "Add Contacts" button that runs the script "Add contacts as reicipants" (in the Email Campaign Managment template)

     I dont fully understand the script and need help in fully understanding it to use in my database to track students, mentors, and sessions...

     Currently i have 5 tables, those tables are:

     students, mentors, sessions, mentor_student, session_student

     The student, mentor, and session tables are holding uniquie values of students and mentors. Each student and mentor(teacher) can have multiple sessions, also a mentor can have multiple students, but only one student can be assigned to a mentor.

     I would like any pointers on using this "Add Contacts" script so i'll be able to add multiple student to a mentor list over IWP.

     so my contraints are:

        all student, mentors, and sessions are unique

        each mentor can have multiple students that are unique

        one student can have many sessions (with any mentor)

        adding many students in one session(i.e. if a lesson is taught to a class of students, the information needs to be tracked)

        must be compatible over IWP to validate students and mentors unquieness

     i'd really appreatiate any and all help on this database especially understanding the "Add Contacts" script...