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Adding new records to child table via a popup window

Question asked by Stu412 on Dec 23, 2014
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Adding new records to child table via a popup window


Hi there

Forgive the slightly fluffy nature of this question, I'm looking into style before substance which is scary enough.

Let's say we have a parent record (Customer) and associated with this record we have the child record (staff members).

If as a user I want to add/edit/delete staff on the child record, does FM offer the same experience as most software whereby I can click an icon, navigate to a prepared child layout, but have the layout appear in the foreground on the screen, smaller than the parent record (which remains in the background), do the necessary edit and click OK?  The foreground child layout closes and we're back at the parent.

What I'm trying to avoid is freaking users out by having the screen change completely by virtue of changing the layout each time they add a new record.

A portal might work, but that's kind of visible all the time which is what I don't really want.