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    Adding password to a layout



      Adding password to a layout


      I am still a beginner in FileMaker, so please bare with me.


      I want that when my file is opened, the layout called "main" is opened and will ask the user for a password. Once that password is entered then the user can have access to all other layouts. I'm assuming I need to create a new script, but I would need help please.

      Goal in resume:

      User clicks on the FileMaker program

      Only one layout will be visible asking for a password

      Once the password is entered correctly then the user will be able to fully access the file and the rest of the layouts

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          Use File Options to set up the file to automatically log the user in with a very limited account such as one with a read-only privilege set that only allows access to your main layout. Set the same file options to specify the main layout as the first layout seen when the file opens. Use File Options to perform a script OnFirstWindowOpen (a script trigger).

          Have this script use Re-Login to open the FileMaker password log in dialog. You can set up this script with an If step immediately after the relogin script that uses get ( LastError ) to check to see if the user successfully entered an account name and password or not. You can put this in a loop where successfully entering log in credentials exits the loop and failure pops up a custom dialog telling the user that they entered the wrong password and then the scripted loop repeats to re-open the password dialog.