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    Adding Photo's into a database?



      Adding Photo's into a database?


      Hello All,

      I wonder if you can help me, I am trying to Add a script into my Database for a photo. I have sort of got it working on the Mac. I created a Container Field, Then set the Script Triggers Insert Photo and Go to Field.

      When I click on the box if opens the File Browser on the mac and allows me to add a photo. I can find out what to do if I want to remove the photo from the Record. 

      When I run the script on the iPhone I get the Message :- Continue Script. The script step "insert picture" is not supported on this device.

      Can anyone help?



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          In the message Continue Script it has Yes and No. If you press No it seems to work and upload the picture to the database. Any idea how to get rid of the error message? Also still have the problem of removing the photo from the related recored.

          Thanks Again,


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            Can anyone please help me with my Database? I still get an error message when trying to add a photo. Once I click on the container field on the iPad up pops a message Continue Script? Yes and No. When I press Yes the box closes and nothing happens but when I press Yes the Photo options appear. Is there anyway to stop the Continue Script popping up when adding photos?


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              Since you are dealing with FileMaker Go, perhaps you should post your question in the FileMaker Go section. I don't have an IPhone or IPad, so I can't offer you much assistance. From what I've read on the Go Forum, you can't use Insert Picture from FileMaker GO, you'd have to copy and paste the image into your container field.