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Adding Portal Record with SQL Source

Question asked by Dan_4 on Feb 21, 2015
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Adding Portal Record with SQL Source


I am using FMP to create layouts for a SQL data source. Each entry is a recipe of chemicals. There are 3 tables: recipe info (date made, serial number), recipe ingredients (ingredient #, chemical ID, and amount), and a chemicals list (name, part number, ID, use type). There are more fields for each this is just the basics.

I setup a recipe entry layout that displays records from the recipe info table. My header shows the date made, serial number, technician, etc..

I then have a portal in the body of the layout that shows the recipe ingredients table.

I can add/delete records through the portal without a problem, but I need to be able to do it by selecting the chemical name. This is proving difficult because the portal is setup to display values from the recipe ingredients tables, but the chemical name is not stored in this table.

Any ideas as to how this can be done?