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Adding records in related files.

Question asked by srfeuer on Feb 16, 2010
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Adding records in related files.


I am about ready to give up.  I have a simple task.  I set up a table called payments.  I have it related to an Invoices table.  I have the Invoices table related to a Line Items table.  One payment may have many Invoices.  Each invoice might have many line items.  When I enter a payment, I can enter Invoice records just fine through a portal.  I have another portal for the line items.  If I set that up to allow adding records through the relationship, I can enter records there okay, but it also enters records back in the Invoices table for each record I enter in the Line Items table.  I can't seem to stop this behavior and still enter records in the line items portal.  How is this accomplished?  Is it even possible??  Thanks.