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Adding running number to a record from value list?

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Aug 9, 2011
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Adding running number to a record from value list?


Hi all,

Since I am novice when it comes to scripting I have no clue on where to start at. But here is my idea!

I want to add a running number, a prefix if you will, to new records based on the last used prefix from the previous record.

I have a table with tv series episodes (my collection of tv series) and whenever I am adding a new series (or a new season to a existing series) to the database I am manually adding all the episode titles to the this table. I have a system of a prefixes to every episode title based on season and episode number - e.g. Season 01 and Episode 01... (This table is then linked with a portal to the main table. The post for the Series is in the main table and only the episodes is in the sub table.).

and so on...

and so on...

this prefix is followed by the Episode Title so the whole field would look like this

01.01 - Episode Title

Now I manually enter the prefixes and seperator on every new record before I enter the Episode Title.

I would like to have some kind of calculation that automagically fills out the prefix for Season# and also have the prefix for Episode# filled out based on what the last record used.

But the Season# only use the same value from the last record while the Episode# uses the next value from the prefix list!

Can this be done or is this to newbie for me?