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Adding symbol to format for text field?

Question asked by pauhana658 on Feb 3, 2013
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Adding symbol to format for text field?


     Thought I had asked this before, but I can't find it in my past posts, so please forgive me if you've seen this before.

     I have a text field containing the names of contacts at clients. On invoices and other forms, I need to place "sama" (in kanji, of course) at the end of these names. Since this is only for printing purposes, I don't want to add this superfluous data to the names in the contacts records. I also don't want to simply place it as a text element at the end of the text field on the forms -- the names vary in length and there can be quite a bit of blank space between the name and the "sama" bit and it looks very odd. 

     In 4D (forgive me!), I could easily "format" a variable field so that it contained both the data from the field and whatever I wanted as a label. Very handy for things like adding "sama" to a name or "consumption tax" to a number so that the whole thing read as a concatenation of text rather than as separate bits. 

     I can't figure out if this is possible in FileMaker Pro. If I have a decimal number, such as 8.0, I can add text (symbol) to it and it will display as "8.0 slp". Can FileMaker Pro do this with standard text in text fields?