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adding tags and managing a value list

Question asked by trialuser1111 on Jul 9, 2009
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adding tags and managing a value list


Part of my database involves an archive of documents stored in container fields.  Originally, I had it set up very simply with a text field that let people enter keywords/tags separated by comma.  I would now like to move to a more robust solution for the tags.


I have created a layout with 10 fields (Add Tag1, Add Tag2, Add Tag3...), and uses may enter one tag in each field.  The "document tags" field has been changed from a text field to a calculation field, and simply aggregates them to appear comma-separated.  What I'm having trouble with is the creation and management of a value list of tags.  Is there a way to have the Add Tags fields evaluated after entry so that (1) new tags are added to a separate value list (in a separate table) and (2) a running tally of how many times a tag is used can be updated?




1. User uploads a document, and tags it as follows: Add Tag1 = "ketchup" ; Add Tag2 = "mustard" ; Add Tag3 = "relish"

2. Document tags field automatically shows as "ketchup, mustard, relish"

3. Tags value list (sourced by Document Tags field in the Tags table) already has ketchup and mustard as records, so "relish" is added as a new record

4. The count for each tag is updated, so now the term "ketchup" has been used X+1 times across ALL 10 tag fields to tag a document.


Is this possible?