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Adding Time

Question asked by BoydReilly on Mar 15, 2013
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Adding Time


     I looked for a solution, but what I found was very old and didn't work for me.


     I have a field, StartTime, that is a time field.  A second field, Duration, is a calculation field.  The calculation field does this:

     Case ( Sport = "Boys Varsity Baseball" ; "2" ;
     Sport = "Boys Junior Varsity Baseball" ; "2" ;
     Sport = "Boys Middle School Baseball" ; "1.5"  )


     So, in the EndTime field I'd like to setup a calcualtion that will give me an ending time.  Say the sport is Boys Varsity Baseball and it starts at 1:00.  I'd like EndTime to calculate to 3:00.


     In the EndTime calculation I have this:

     Time(Mod(Hour(StartTime) + Duration;24); Minute(StartTime); Seconds(StartTime))

     I end up with a number in the EndTime field.

     Any idea why this isn't working?