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Adding unlimited instances of a field through a portal

Question asked by manager12 on Dec 22, 2010
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Adding unlimited instances of a field through a portal


I'm trying to create a layout based off a table called "Daily Call" which, among other things, shows a portal to a related table called "Daily Call Breakdown"  which has the following fields:

-Start Time

-End Time



-Full Name

What I'm attempting to do is define a start and end time of an event inside of a daily schedule. The "What" field is a simple text description of what is happening, same with where.

The "Full Name" field pulls people's full names that are stored in a seperate table called "Personnel Data". What I want to be able to do is add an unlimited amount of peoples names (or "Full Name" fields) to the row of this portal. In other words if we look at each row of the portal view that shows the fields "Start Time", "End Time", "What", "Where" and "Full Names", as an event in a daily schedule, I want to be able to assign several people (or "Full Name" fields) to each event.

I'm not even sure where to begin with this. Is using a portal even what I should be using or is there a different method?