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    Adding Up Fields



      Adding Up Fields


           I have a solution where I want to add up fields as well as averaging them out etc. My solution tracks basketball player workouts. In a situation that I am having players shoot shots in two different settings workouts and practice. I have a field that designates if the day they shot was either in practice or in a workout. How do I add up shots made only in either workouts or practice?

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               I believe that we discussed a very similar situations a short time ago. wink

               I assume that the "fields" are actually a set of records with the data always in the same field but in different records?

               If so, this is another "sum if" problem where we want to sum a value in a set of records only if a value in another field has a specific value.

          1.           This can be done by summing related records where the relationship matches only to the desired set of records.
          3.           This can be done with a summary report where a find pulls up the desired found set of records and a sort groups them. A subsummary layout part and a summary field can then produce the needed sub totals.
          5.           A filtered portal can filter for just the desired subset of the related records and a summary field from the portal's table can then show the total
          7.           ExecuteSQL() can also return such values.
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                 I think #1 option would work in this case. Just throwing around ideas. I dont know if you gave me this on another occasion or not. I've never used the Executive SQL and have no idea what it is. I'll try the Sum and see. Thanks Phil as Usual