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Adding up Portal Rows.

Question asked by MikeProcopio on May 10, 2013
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Adding up Portal Rows.


     I have an Basketball Scouting Database. 

     I have a player table as well as a team table. On the team table I have a roster of players and what they make for salary. I enter the salary on the Player Table  year by year from 2013-2017. I have a calc field that adds up how much money is remaining on the contract. On the team table I have the total salary of the team year by year.

     Here is where it gets dicey. In the NBA there is something called cap holds. What a cap hold is after the last year of the contract a number which is 1.5 times the previous year's salary is put on the following year for the team and it is a number that needs to be added. THe thing is it is a fictional number as the team can cut this player and not be owed this money until he signs a contract with the team or is released. I can just put the number on each player's salary the only problem is then it will be added in the money left ont heir contract when it isn't real.

     Any recommendations for this?