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Adding up values associated with checkbox items

Question asked by alekz on Aug 30, 2013
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Adding up values associated with checkbox items


     Hello everyone.

     I have the following issue:

     A record has a field with several checkboxes.

     [_] Irrigation
     [_] Toilet
     [_] Other

     The checkboxes draw their values from a a value list with custom values, which are just that: Irrigation, Toilet, Other.

     I would like to assign numeric values to them so that Irrigation is 0.2, toilet is 0.5, and other is 0.3. 

     Then I'd like to  create a new field in the same table to add up the numeric values of the boxes that get checked.

     What is the best way of going about it? Are my checkboxes set up appropriately?

     Any advice and guideance would be highly appreciated.