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Adding Values from 2 repeating fields

Question asked by DranLang on Jun 25, 2013
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Adding Values from 2 repeating fields


     Hi everyone! I'm new to File Maker and I've been using it for a month now.  I'm trying to add values from 2 repeating fields (FIELD 1 and FIELD 2) both with 10 repeating values.  But before I start adding the values from the two repeating fields, I need to add first the value a third non-repeating field (FIELD 3) to the value of the first field (FIELD 1) and store it to the second repeating field (FIELD 2).  Then, I need to add the result to the second value of the first field (FIELD 1 [2] ) and store their sum to the second field (FIELD 2 [2]) and repeat the process until I've added the values of the two repeating (fields finishing by adding FIELD 2[9] + FIELD 1[10] saving it to FIELD 2 [10]). 

     How can I do this or is there other ways to do this?  Any help will be deeply appreciated.