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    Additional blank lines being added to excel



      Additional blank lines being added to excel


      I am exporting data to an excel file. One of the fields come from a related table. If there are more than 1 related records both records export, the second record everything is blank from the table I am exporting from and the additional data is there for the related field.

      Is there a way to only export one line. I don't need the additional lines or additional related records.

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          If you wanted all the data from the related table, your other option is to export data from the context of the related table (the child) instead of the parent table.

          But it appears that you want only data from the first related record. You could set up a series of calculation fields in the parent table that copy the values of the desired fields from the related table. You would then specify these calculation fields in the export instead of the corresponding fields in the related table.