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Additional Calculations

Question asked by shellas on Apr 3, 2010
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Additional Calculations


I created a layout (Commission Calc) with information for salesman commission.  Everything is correctly calculated including the sum of monies received and the commission to be paid out.  However, I also have 2 fields in the Commission Calc layout that allows for inputting of deductions from the salesman (for in case he brings in monies short & for deductions from the credit account if he had borrowed some money).  These are to be subtracted from the total commission to be paid out.


On the printout layout, I have summary fields for the total amount of monies collected and the total amount for commission paid.  These fields are placed on the trailing grand summary part, and everything on the print layout is displayed properly. But where do I place the fields for the deductions from the total commission paid?  And where do I place the calculation field for the Grand total?