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Additional Individual Names

Question asked by Jepperson on Oct 21, 2013
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Additional Individual Names


     Hello All,

     I'm exporting two tables "Individuals" & "Group" that are related together through a many-to-many table called "Individual_Group". When I export the "Individuals" & "Group" tables I get the name and the group that individual is a member of; however, if that individual is a member of more than one group, Filemaker exports their name and the first group, and then exports their second group on the next row. Ideally I would like to have that individual's name on each row with the group they are a member of. I've searched around, but I'm not sure what this type of export is called. Anyone have any ideas? I've attached a picture of what the export looks like, black lettering being what I have and red letting the additions I'd like to have.