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Address Hierarchy, must have been done before?

Question asked by brian.curran on Mar 9, 2011
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Address Hierarchy, must have been done before?


I'm sure this will have been done many times before so I'm hoping for suggestions on how to set up the following structure:

Sites (_kp_site_id, _kf_company_id)
These are locations where we perform services, i.e. the 'Delivery/Shipping' address.

Company (_kp_company_id, _kf_group_id)
A company might own several Sites but the administration of them may be handled at the Head Office, i.e. this could be the 'Billing' address.

Group (_kp_group_id)
This top level would only be used on rare occasions. Maybe to group several Companies together.

So, in summary:
Group could be classed like a Country, which has many States (Companies) with each state having many Towns (Sites).

Ideally, I would like to set up a new Site and then allocate it to a parent Company if appropriate. Then, on the odd occasion, allocate the Company to a parent Group.

Our business RULES:
We always have a Site where we perform the actual service work.
We often have Companies where we send invoices for multiple Sites.
We sometimes need to group Companies together for reporting purposes or to share out blocks of pre-billed services.

Any suggestions?