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Address label solutions from contacts

Question asked by NickJ72 on Sep 9, 2011
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Address label solutions from contacts


I am looking for a solution for printing parent/guardian address labels from my student database.

I have one record per student. Each student has a related table containing Emergency Contact #1 and a separate related table containing Emergency Contact #2.

I currently print address labels of contacts in the Emergency Contact #1 table, as these are generally the primary parent/guardian contact for each student. This works well except for 2 issues:

  1. Some students are siblings, therefore there are duplicate entries in the contacts table, as they obviously have the same parents. I would like to avoid these duplications.

  2. A few student's need things posting to more than one parent – ie, mother & father who live at different addresses. Mother, for example, is Contact #1 and is in the address label printed set, Father is Contact #2 and isn't in the printed set so I have to run off a separate printed label.

Can anyone suggest a setup that will get around these two issues?