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    Address Lable print out



      Address Lable print out


      Hello, all.


      Need help with a script i think, we have field in the membership database that is called PRINT CARD (but what is does is print a mailing label, that's ok cause that is what we want done) thing is in the print card field is a drop down box with YES and NO, what i need help with is a script that will only print the address lables that the print card field that has YES in it and not to print the address label that the print card field that has NO in it. Would be great if it could be put in dummy terms as i am very new to this program.


      I am using Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced on a Windows XP service Pk 3 PC, Any help would be great.


      Regards schnook

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          Without scripts:


          Click the Find Icon in the Status Bar at the top of the screen.

          Select Yes in your Print Card field.

          Click Perform Find

          Now select the layout you will use to print labels. This is almost always a custom layout that you design specifically for printing labels of a specific kind and (often) on a specific printer. (You may or maynot be able to use the same layout for different printers).

          Select Print from the File Menu and use the "Records being browsed" option to print the labels.

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            Thanks for the quick reply PhilModJunk, that method would be fine to use if the ladies in the office were more computer literate but unfortunately they are not. Most of them are retired ladies that volunteer at the base in the office. Is there any way of doing it automatically, and if so how and where would it be done.


            Regards schnook

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              Do you know how to create a script?


              All of these steps can be automated with script steps and you can put a button on your layout that performs the script you create.


              On what kind of label page do you want to print your labels?


              If the desired page has an Avery number, it's easier to set up by far.


              By the way, doing the "manual" steps aren't all that complicated even for non-computer literate users to follow after they've done it once or twice.

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                G'day PhilModJunk, no I don't know how to write scripts properly, am very new to this and need all the help I can get, as for the label it is an Avery address label but it is not listed on filemmaker, I had to enter the measurement in, they print out very good all in the write spot, so I could do with your help in making a script. I know how to put a button on a layout and link it to a script just don't know as yet how to create a script



                Regards schnook

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                  Here's an example to work from, you'll need to refer to your own tables, fields and layouts in place of the names I use here:

                  //Text after double slashes are not part of the script, they give you additional direction on how to create the script.


                  Select Manage Scripts... from the scripts menu

                  Click the new button to start a new script

                  Add the following script steps in this script editor dialog:


                  Go To Layout [Your label layout]//select it by name from the drop down in bottom right corner

                  Enter Find Mode[] //clear the pause check box

                  Set Field [YourTable:: Print Card; "Yes"]

                  Set Error capture [on]

                  Perform Find[]

                  If [get (Foundcount) = 0 /*  no records were found */]//Double click step to open dialog where you can enter expression between the brackets

                     Show Custom Dialog ["No records were found"]


                     Enter Preview Mode [pause]

                  End If

                  Go To Layout [original layout]



                  This script previews the label report showing all records found. At this point you can print the labels by selecting print from the file menu with the records being browsed option selected in print dialog. This pause gives the user the chance to confirm that they are getting the labels they want to load label pages into the printer before printing. The user continues the script by either pressing the enter key (on the number key pad) or by clicking the continue button in the status area at the top of the screen.


                  Many new users get confused the first time they try to add Set Field to a script. See the following link for step by step instructions:

                  Selecting an "All" option with checkboxes


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                    G'day PhilModJunk, I can't thank you enough, have done it the way you said and it works a treat, thanks very much, you rock


                    Regards schnook