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Address standardization?

Question asked by ChronoVII on Jun 22, 2010
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Address standardization?


Hi all,

I'd like to standardize all the addresses entered into my database. for example, people here would enter "Street" as "ST", "St.", "St" or any variation of this, but i would want it just as "ST". other things that i wish to standardize are the exclusion of all punctuation, etc etc.


I've entertained the idea of using a different field for every component of the addresss (i.e address_number, address_direction, address_name, address_suffix, etc) but the database has been in use for several years now and I don't want to change this part.


In other words, regardless of how an address is entered, it should always come out in the following format:


1234 W TEST ST



is this possible?