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Adjust Window[Resize to Fit] does not work

Question asked by m2foster on Jul 6, 2013
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Adjust Window[Resize to Fit] does not work


     I am using a script with a single line (Adjust Window [Resize to Fit]) on layout entry.

     It's my understanding that the Resize to Fit option does the following:

     "Resize to fit resizes the window to the minimum size possible while keeping all items in the layout visible."

     However, this is not the result that I'm seeing. Instead, I get a window that takes up my entire screen size.

     I tried using a script that sets specific height and width by pixel size and got the same result, i.e. the entire screen size is used. I played around with different height and width numbers, all with the same result. FM seems to ignore the specified height and width sizes and just maximizes the window to fit the screen. There are no other window sizing scripts triggered by script triggers under File Options.

     I am using a MacBook Pro and a 21" Cinema Display in single display mode. I get the same behavior if I don't have the laptop hooked up to the dispay and I'm using the laptop screen. I am using Mac OSX 10.8.4 and FM Pro 12.0v4.

     Attached is a screenshot of one of the layouts that I'm using. It's a small size and I'd like for the window to adjust down to the smaller size instead of taking up the whole screen.

     Any guidance on this issue would be appreciated.