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Adjusting Description Text Box Size

Question asked by scukier on Oct 31, 2011
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Adjusting Description Text Box Size


Good morning -

I am doing some pro bono work for my children's elementry school's Spring Auction event and have run into a real doozy.  We are taking the auction item's description field from a form and  using it to automatically create the event's catalog.  In the catalog, I have placed the description field (text field) under the item's name but above the 'Buy It Now' price. 

ITEM NAME (single line field)

DESCRIPTION (5 line field box)

BUY IT NOW  (single line field)

Here is my problem: If the description field includes just one line of information and I have created the box in the catalog to show 5 lines, I don't know how to make the 'Buy It Now' price automatically move up to cut the additional white space of 3 lines so that the look of the catalog is cleaner.  I have called FileMaker on this and they don't know.  Additionally, I have looked in Inspector under 'Sliding and Visibility' but it would only work if there is no data in the description field.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.