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    Adjusting form layout height



      Adjusting form layout height & width


      I'm using FM 11 on a Windows 7 system and am a Filemaker Pro beginner.  Anyway, all of my form layouts are layed out to fit on an 8.5x11 page.  I want them to fill the screen's window but can't figure out how to resize them to do that. I've plowed through the user manual and a bunch of video tutorials but with no luck.  Any suggestions?

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          You can't find what isn't there.

          FileMaker layouts can't really be set to resize to the screen in a way that uses the available added space. You can zoom the window and sometimes you can use the layout object anchors to slide objects around when the window is resized, but this has sever limitations.

          Often, you need to create two versions of your layout, one designed for data entry that fills your monitor screen and one designed for printing.