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Adjusting Layout based on input needs per record

Question asked by jroller on Feb 11, 2012
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Adjusting Layout based on input needs per record


I searched online and here in the forums with no luck; maybe my search terms weren't the best, I don't know, but here's what I am trying to do:


I need to track receipts and calculate data from all records from what is entered per receipt. Here are the fields (I think) I need:

Receipt ID


Item 1 etc.. (for each item purchased)

 -- qty of that item

 -- cost of that item

 -- number of items for sale within that item (say is is a package of muffins: how many muffins for individual resell within that pkg.)

Place Purchased


Total Cost (after tax)

Type of item (consumable or resellable)


Each receipt will have a varying number of items purchased -- generally from a few to somewhere less than 20. 

I'd prefer the database to be as visually clean as possible, only showing what is needed per reciept. That is I don't want twenty Item fields (with the corresponding sub-data -- qty/cost/number) showing unless there are twenty purchased items on that particular receipt. Say I purchased 3 items on a given receipt,  I only want to see three Item fields (with sub data) on the record.

If that is not possible and I have to have static fields for each possible item, I don't want to see Item's sub data unless there is something entered into the field for a given Item.

Hope that makes sense...

The question: Is there a way to dynamically add Item fields to a record as needed and when that Item field is added to the layout, also show the sub data for that item?


Thanks in advance.