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    Adjusting Print Zoom in FileMaker Pro 12 (Windows 7)



      Adjusting Print Zoom in FileMaker Pro 12 (Windows 7)


      I'm trying to adjust the zoom of a layout using the 'Print Setup' option because part of the layout is being cut off when printing.  Reducing the zoom decreases the size of the print but it still shows the same content as when the zoom is at 100%.  For instance, if 1/3 of the rightmost content is missing when the zoom is set at 100%, changing the zoom to 75% will still result in 1/3 of the rightmost content missing.

      In the Mac version, reducing the zoom in Print Setup allows for additional content to be included that was previously cutoff.

      Does anyone know how to get the PC version's print setup to function similar to the Mac version?

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          I'm in FM 12 on Windows 7 and my coworkers are on Mac's.  We have a primary office copier/scanner/printer.

          There is a script step "Print Setup" that opens the printer dialog box that should give you access to that printers properties.  For example our Richo MP5002 opens in the print dialog box, I select Properties and I can turn enlarge/reduce on then set a Zoom setting of 25-400%.  I save the Print Setup script step and those setting will be used by anyone using that printer.

          Since that page setup is for that printer profile though - I don't think it has an impact if you select a different printer.

          The better option is to go into the layout and design the layout to fit on a standard page (portrait or landscape) sized to print with margins set in the Layout Setup dialog box.  That would make "Print Size" independent of the machine running the solution and the printer to which it was going.

          You can also have an "input" layout that the user interfaces with and then a "print layout".  The user uses the more comfortable interface for data entry and you script switches to the "print layout" when generating paper or PDF output.  You make it easy on the user by having a "Print" button or printer icon on the input layout.  Then a print script handles the page setup, layout switching, and printing and after that returns the use to the input layout.