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adjusting quantities

Question asked by buck_5648798798 on Nov 1, 2013
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adjusting quantities


     I'm working on a database where the client need to track quantities. 

     There is a layout for each product with total quantity as one of the fields.

     There is an invoice area where the user creates lines for a product sale. One of the entries is quantity sold.

     When a number is entered in quantity sold I want this to subtract this number from total quantity. If the user changes the quantity sold number it must reflect in total quantity.


     An example: Total quantity is 100. User enters 10 items as being sold. Total quantity changes to 90. User realizes they made a mistake and changes quantity sold to 20, total quantity changes to 80. User changes quantity sold to 1 and total quantity changes to 99.. etc..

     I'm thinking of a script trigger that sets items sold as a variable on entry and another that does the math on modify but that's as far as my thinking takes me..