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Adjusting Window Size of FMP Application on Windows

Question asked by shudder on Oct 28, 2009
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Adjusting Window Size of FMP Application on Windows


Hello folks --


My first post here.  


I was on the phone with Matt in Tech Supp a few minutes ago (this is case #091028-000319), and he felt my issue resides outside the purview of FMP help in that it seems to deal with the OS rather than specifically with FMP.  He suggested I post in here to see if anyone might have a clue as to how to achieve what I need.


I developed a phone messaging system in FMP for Disney Animation a loooong time ago, and am in the process of converting all users and systems off FMP 5.5 to FMP 10 Advanced (read my bio for more info about all this if you want it...).  In the process of converting, I was hit by an issue that dogged this system from the start -- insofar as its use on the WIN platform is concerned.  I created this system (called PHLO, for PHone LOgs) on the Mac platform when all our execs used Macs. However, over the years many execs switched to PCs and this is where the problem started.  


On the Mac, I send the system into a state called a 'minimize view,' as indicated here:




Note that the solution is now very small and the Mac DT is in the BG, so this window is very unobtrusive to the end users (its main advantage!!).  As new messages are added to the system, the yellow counter field changes to reflect how many new messages are waiting.  If any of those are marked URGENT, then another purple button pops up adjacent to the "Return to the Phone Log" button to take users to the urgent messages, etc. There's a lot going on in this minimized view (more buttons than I have indicated here!), but the system stays small and out of the way until one of the buttons is clicked on, at which time the view is expanded and the user sees all the waiting messages and can interact with them.




On the WIN platform, the minimized view looks like this:




To some degree, this is the SAME view as on the Mac, however, the FMP App window is in the BG, so making a very small version of the system does not really work since the app window stays so large behind it!  Matt said FMP cannot control the size of the app window, only the solution within the app window (such as you see here).   He mentioned we might be able to use the Send Event script step to do something about resizing the overall FMP App window, such that it might look like this instead:



This still ain't exactly great since you see the FMP App window acting as a wrapper around my solution, but it is certainly better that showing a full sized app window that blocks much of the desktop.


Anyone have any idea how I might achieve this on Windows, with or without the Send Event script step?


Thanks in advance for any assistance.


- shud