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    advance loop script



      advance loop script



      I have a loop script that is giving me problems. The problem is when i run the script from a client computer it works fine. But i need the script to run over a server and its not quite doing what i want. I need the script to go to a layout where all leads are are stored for our outside sales team, search the sales rep name and loop a copy and past script to his/her table. the problem is when i run the script from a server it only takes one lead at a time instead of grabing all of them and place them in his/her table.

      this is the script that loops the lead:



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          From what I can see you only perform one find, for the current user.  Where do you loop through the list of Sales Reps?  Is this just the loop part, called from another script that does the record creation?  Where do you transfer or capture the next Sales Rep name?  What happens after it finds no records and goes to the APPTS List layout?

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            There's not enough detail here to offer any real help. Please provide the additional info requested below:

            Your script refers to two table occurrences: MRG UPLOAD and Outside Sales Rep 1. Please describe the relationship that links them.

            Your script performs a second script named "get new leads". Please post this script so we can see how it is written.

            If any of the fields referenced in these two scripts are global fields, please identify them.

            Have you used the "Show compatibility" drop down to check both scripts to be sure that there are no server incompatible script steps?