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    Advanced Custom Dialog Box



      Advanced Custom Dialog Box


           Is it possible to have the Custom dialog box display the contents of a container field, what it's doing now is just showing the Fieldname followed by date and .PNG

           Also, I would like to have the dialog box pop up with a small video window if that is possible.



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               Not using the Show Custom Dialog script step.

               But you can use New Window to open a small floating/modal window and since this is based on a  layout in your file, you can design a layout with any of the same features you can add to any other layout in your file.

               FMP 12 offers some new features that make this a lot nicer than previous, but in all recent versions, if you are using Windows and prefer to keep windows maximized, you have to do some extra scripting to manage the size and state of your original window as it will drop out of maximized state and resize when you use New Window to create the "dialog" window.