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    Advanced Find



      Advanced Find


           Is there a known way or a plugin that will provide for something very similar to the Bento Advanved Find feature? This is something that we use very often in Bento and would need it in FM as well.

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               I don't know anything about Bento.  Filemaker get perform any type of find you want.  You can perform finds by script, basic finds, or saved finds.

               Enter Find Mode by Clicking View, then Find mode.  On the find icon you will see a down arrow, click that down arrow. Click Edit Saved Finds, Click New, Then Click Advance.

               Here is a link by PhilModJunk about Find Scripts

          Scripted Find Examples

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                 FM seems to have something close built into a find in Table view, but not all the options and not with the same UI. With Bento you can just keep stacking search criteria to narrow the search.

                 I am sure I will need to script something, but I would pay for a solution if someone has it already. I was messing with FMGo on the iPad. When I am back in the office I will check out the advance find feature on the desktop.

                 Here is a link to the functionality of the Bento Advanced search. With people moving from Bento to FM this seems like something that users would want.


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                   Constrain Found set can be used in place of Perform Find (these are both script steps and menu options) to progressively narrow your find results.

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                     I am really looking for the UI of the OSX Smart Search. That is basically what Bento has. I can only think it is not offered in FM because it is not cross platform with Windows. Hopefully it will be supported one day. I think I do not see a way for FM to dynamically add fields the way OSX does.

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                       And what we are trying to tell you is that this can be created if you choose to create it using the features of FIleMaker that are available.

                       You are welcome to explore that possibility with us.

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                         I have both macs and pcs and I don't know of a search that either platform can do that can't be done in Filemaker.  Filemaker is a more complicated (powerful) program than bento, so it may take some time to learn how to do things in filemaker, that is why a added the above link for creating find scripts. 

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                           Well this is what I am looking for. If you say this can be done I will figure it out, but I am not seeing it. Every time you click the "+" on the right another line appears that allows you to add another search criterion. The searches can then be saved with smart folders. I am for sure there is a way to replicate the function of smart folders with FM. I am just not seeing how to do dynamic or conditional layouts formatting. I understand how the scripts work, but I am not sure how to get the UI that presents them the way I want

                           If you have any suggestions on the direction to go I would appreciate it.

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                             The top section could be a list view with a fairly elaborate layout design in the body to manage the format differences for each searchable field. Clicking + simply adds a record to the table.

                             When the user is through adding records (and these are not records in the field being searched, but a separate table), a script could use the criteria thus recorded to then perform the find.

                             But such an elaborate interface is rarely needed in FileMaker. Especially since the user can just enter find mode and specify criteria directly on the data entry layout.

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                               Thank you for the suggestions. So I am not new to databases. I was provided with Borland Paradox and a wonderful new Pentium 90 machine in the 90s to create a decent little office database that related contracted services to customers and such.

                               Bento is what it is, a decent UI for unrelated data collection. I assumed FM would be like Paradox with a current UI and such. It is in a sense the same, but it is so much more. i spent some time really looking at it. When I figured out the layouts are not really constrained by just fields and labels sitting in a form or table I really got it. After having the old ideas stuck in my mind for years it took a bit to really wrap my head around it. Seeing what other people have done with FM12 is amazing. I just need to think a new way now, which is doable.