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Advanced Find

Question asked by eibcga on Jun 12, 2010
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Advanced Find & Duplicate Record


Just some general questions...


Advanced Find


1)  Is FMP11 able to, for example, find records where the criteria are based on a formula result?


For example, assuming I have the required fields in my database, I wanted to find all records where fields: SellPrice < CostPrice * 1.2.  FMP11 will then list all records of products where the sell price is less than 20% more than the buy price?  Another example, I wanted to know all customers whose delivery address is different from their mailing address?  Say I wanted to know all customers whose 60 day balance is more than half their total balance?


Duplicate Record


2)  Under the Records menu, Duplicate Record, FMP11 will duplicate the record on which my cursor is on in Table View.  Can FMP11 also duplicate records in a found set, or a selected range of records, that may or may not be adjacent to each other (e.g., I wanted to enter records similar to what I have entered before).




Beginner FMP11 user on Mac OS X 10.6.3