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    Advanced re Format of  text fields



      Advanced re Format of  text fields


      I,m trying to import some contact notes into FMP from another program.


      I can get these notes as text file from the other program but because the note for some records are quite extensive i want to format them to make them easier to read in FMP


      Are there any tools that give you the flexibility like in Word to find and replace with a range of special characters so i can insert line breaks etc


      or can you suggest how i can re format the tet in another application and import them into FMP


      I have tried using Word then importing them into excel but this doesn't maintain the records as excel treats the line breaks as new records

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          Thank you for your post.


          FileMaker Pro does not have the extended formatting options of a Word processing program.  However, you can replace special characters with other characters.


          The Char() function allows you to enter special characters into text fields.  For example, Char (9) is a tab character.  However, you cannot use this in the Find/Replace dialog.  You can only use this within a script or calculation.


          For example, suppose you want to change any tab characters to hyphens in the Name field.  A possible script is:


          Show All Records

          Replace Field Contents [ Name ; Substitute ( Name ; Char (9) ; "-" ) ]



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