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    Advanced Searching



      Advanced Searching


           I am having difficulty in doing the following:

           I require a field that lists the results of the following search

           List of names (currently in fields named T1-T15) in each record.

           The list needs to show the above names whereby the "due date" is less than "T1-T15 due date"

           Basically I want a list of names with an event due in a specified time period, I could then enter a date and a list of names would appear.

           Any ideas??

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               It sounds like Fields T1-T15 should be replaced by 15 records in a related table. But the details concerning your "due date" are not totally clear to me. Do you also have 15 due date fields to specify a different due date for each name in your 15 "T" fields?

               And are you only searching these 15 fields in the current record or across multiple records in your table?