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Advanced Securities Questions

Question asked by AlishaDenicola on Jun 2, 2014
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Advanced Securities Questions


     Hello All, 

     I have a couple questions about what's possible with Filemaker 13 security. We're building a database that lists the projects the company is working on, then within each project is listed the tasks needed to complete the project. It's a simple database

     Projects table ---<Tasks table

     with a couple different layouts so that people can see the details of the project, the over all list, or the details of the task. 

     So security: 

     1. The director wants different people to be able to see different projects. For example, if I have the projects "Finance Admin" "Office Maintenance" and "Site Visit" she wants a certain set of people to see Finances, a different set of people to see Office Maintenance, and everyone to see Site Visit. Is it possible to have different accounts viewing select projects without disabling any part of the layout? Is it possible to have different accounts viewing certain information / field content?

     2. Is it possible to make a project invisible until a select person is added to it? 

     If anyone could direct me to tutorials on advanced securities, that would be great.