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           Sorry if this has been asked but i need a database for a small company.

           Database will have approximately 1000 plus contacts.  Have been using ACT but have recently upgraded our computers.

           We have two computers and a laptop all with windows 7.  There are two of us and we both have iPhones.

           Do i have to dowload filemaker pro 12 to each computer  or does the one download allow for more than one user ?

           Is my laptop another user?

           Can i then create the one database for both of us to use and if we get a 3rd person add them ?

           Anybody else used ACT and can comment on the difference ?


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               You need FileMaker on each computer that will be using the db unless you connect with instant web publishing, which does not have all features.   The iPhone can use FileMaker GO which at this time is free.   One computer host the database and the rest of the computers / devices connect remotely.