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advice for creating a searchable contact list layout

Question asked by on Jan 10, 2013
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advice for creating a searchable contact list layout


     Hi there,

     I'm new to FileMaker and my company has tasked me to create a searchable contact list for staff to use.

     Basically staff need to be able to search for contacts based on two different fields, then go to that contact detail layout.

     I know I will need two layouts (one for searching, and the other for contact details).

     What im stuck on is the search page.  Both search fields come from a fixed range of values, so both will be dropdown lists.

     Staff need to be able to choose the a filter from both dropdown lists, then the filtered contact summary should appear below the list.  Then the staff member can click on one of the contact summaries to take them to the contact details page.

     How do I do this?  I think I need to do an AND found set but not sure how to acheive this in a layout.  Sorry this is such a noob question but any advice would be greatly appreciated.  smiley