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    Advice much appreciated for newbie regarding ER diagram



      Advice much appreciated for newbie regarding ER diagram


      Hi all, after many many years, I've come home to FM and loving it....  so much so that I went out, bought the book (Missing Manual)  and trying to work through it.  Anyhow, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice as I've got myself into a never ending mental loop.  By the way, I'm not a database designer or anyhting so am definately in newbie territory.

      Here's the situation...question at the end..BTW am using FM PRO 11

      I'm a small business, (employees = me) and I'm setting up a sales pipeline tracking database.  this will generate a whole pile of TO-DO's associated with each OPPORTUNITY, i.e Phone John to set up an appointment; send Tim the proposal etc.   I'm selling to multiple people in large companies and so have multiple OPPORTUNITIES, with multiple PEOPLE in the same COMPANY

      COMPANY (Customer) ------< PEOPLE / OPPORTUNITY ------< TO-DO  .........all refering to revenue raising opportunities

      My difficulty is that as a one man band, I also have a whole pile of PROJECTS, i.e stuff I have to do but that are not OPPORTUNITY related,   e.g. set up stuff for trade show in August, update website details, update my accounts,  log product change request.  At the moment my plan is to have

      COMPANY (Supplier/Partner etc)  ----< PEOPLE / PROJECTS   ------<  TASKS  .........all refering to non revenue raising stuff I have to do.

      My question/difficulty is that

      1. TO-DO and TASKS are effectively the same thing, i.e. activities I have to complete. Should they be in the same table or separate tables?
      2. Are PROJECTS simply OPPORTUNITIES with a revenue value of $0.  my trouble is they have compeltely different attributes.
      • I need to be able to run reports on just OPPORTUNITIES, i.e. my sales pipline
      • but I need to be able to see all the activities I need to complete this week, next week etc....... irrespective of whether they are TO-DO's or TASKs.  I suppose I coudl run a report that combines both but thought I'd ask the forum if there is a neat solution to this????

      I'll keep trying to untwist this knot but any advice much appreciated.  I'm sure this is a common issue????


      Many thanks


      Nigel db


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          I would suggest investigating StartingPoint http://fmstartingpoint.com and WhitePaper for FM Novices http://www.foundationdbs.com/downloads.html
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            Hi David, thanks for the pointers,... 

            • Had a look at FMStarting point, and while it looks great, it's generic for any SME....has a whole pile of stuff I don't need, and leaves out stuff I do need.  I think it will be very tricky for me to modify it so am working on building something that meets my needs from scratch so that when I need to modify it I know what all the fields refer to etc.  
            • Hadn't seen FM for Novices so thanks for that link. 

            Trouble is I want to get under the hood of the system and design to my own requirements.  It's taking that next step to relational databases I'm grappling with.  I'll twist my brain some more and then get hold of someone locally (Melbourne, Australia) for a days training to get me kick started.

            David, thanks for the pointers and interest.