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Advice needed for simple church database relation diagram

Question asked by InvectusIlumni on Dec 1, 2010
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Advice needed for simple church database relation diagram


Hi folks,

I'm working a very simple church database solution which consists of 6 main tables:


This prototype church has many members and depends on their contributions and that of other good samaritans from the general public to survive. Like any other organization, this church has financial obligations (expenses), employs staff members, manages departments and owns assets.

I need help figuring out the best way to create a relationship diagram.

Here's what I already know:

  • A member can make many contributions, but a given contribution can only be made by one member
  • A staff member can process many expenses, but an expense can only be processed by one staff member
  • A staff member can belong to many departments and each department can have many staff members

As you can see, I need some advice on how to best map this together so it makes sense. In other words how tables should be related to one another.

Thanks a lot for any help.