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Advice needed:  From one flat file TO relational

Question asked by PaulBlakeman on Nov 5, 2012
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Advice needed:  From one flat file TO relational


     Hi everyone - I'm a newbie to Filemaker Pro!


     I've downloaded the Filemaker Pro12 - 30 day trial software. (running on OSX 10.8.2)

     In the process of evaluating I'm also trying to provide a solution.  If I can get this working then FM get another sale!

     I am trying to migrate an exitising database (APPLICATION: "My Mail List" running on OS9!!!!) to work on FM Pro12.

     Here's what I can do.

     export old database to a CSV type file, which I opened in Excel and then import into Filemaker.

     I could not figure out how to "move" data into other tables (which I have created)

     It also appears that you can only ever import into 1 table, so I'm slightly confused how you can import from a flat, single file into multiple tables.


     The database is essentaily a subscription management system.

     So we have customers who can have subscriptions to 1 or more different magazines/books.

     To simplify I have really stripped down my data just to figure this out...

     I have attached my database design file - 3 tables with relationships are what I need to populate.

     The Customer table has 8300+ names, the customer_ID is an auto-increment. (populated when imported)

     The Products table has currently one item (BBR110) with a Product_ID value = 1

     The Subscription table is empty (this is the one I'm struggling to populate)


     So in Excel I took all my customer names that were mapped to product BBR110 and gave a boolean value = 1 and figured if I imported into Filemaker I could somehow get the data relational.

     Well that's kind of where I get stuck!

     I imported this data (Initials, Surname, BBR110) into another table (called Table) and was trying to figure out if a script was the way to go???

     Any pointers please?