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Advice on how to OR not to build another database with portal

Question asked by ahutler on May 29, 2014
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Advice on how to OR not to build another database with portal


     Here is the situation: we have a large database that holds a lot/most of our collection information. I am thinking about building another database on a different drive and this database that will hold TIFF and JPEGS for certain records that are in the large database, but not all record entry’s(objects) from the large database have a TIFF image.

     It was recommended by our tech support to place this ‘new’ database on a specific drive. So would I create a relationship between the ‘New Image’ database on the separate drive with the ‘Old Large’ database and create a portal to transfer information to the new database, or should I just create a new layout in the Old Large database?

     For example, we have 1,000 paintings in the Old Large Database, and let’s say 100 paintings have multiple large TIFF image files that currently are not in the Old Large database, (but we could eventually have TIFFs for all 1,000 paintings)

     Do I create a new database with a relationship to Old Large Database and portal field information(#,artist’s name, title of painting, date of painting, etc..) into New Image database?