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Advice on Maintainablity

Question asked by JonathanWexler on Apr 4, 2014
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Advice on Maintainablity


     The boss wants a new report, with some what unusual timeframes and data groupings running across the page.

     Think about a sales  report based on a table containing customer #, sale amount and date, and creating a report than shows a customer on each line and then - on that line - total sales in January ... December.  Then multiply the complexity by about seven and that's what I am looking at.  I KNOW HOW TO DO THIS WITH CALCULATED FIELDS, but I am reluctant to add 70 calculated fields to a table that already has over 200 fields (about 120 of them calculated).  I am also reluctant to generate the report by cloning the key fields to a separate table which could hold the 70 fields.

     Any advice on techniques to keep this maintainable?