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Advice on self-relationship

Question asked by InvectusIlumni on Dec 31, 2010
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Advice on self-relationship


Hi all,

My solution has a CONTACTS table that contains information about members of a church.

Ideally, each contact can belong to a family and in that family, the contact would have a role (kinship) i.e: father, mother, son etc.

Let's say John Doe and Elizabeth Doe are married and have 2 children: Zack Doe and Megan Doe.

When viewing John Doe's profile page, I'd also like to see who he's related to and the type of relationship that binds him to that other contact. The same would be true for every member of the Doe family

I'm just a little lost in the relationship graph. I've already created a table occurrence that I called family that is based on the CONTACT table.

I'm not sure how to move on from hear and I'd appreciate any help.