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    Advice on which product to purchase



      Advice on which product to purchase



      I am in need of advice on which FileMaker product to purchase to be able to setup a shared database on the web. The database needs to be accessed by 3 people at different locations. I will be in charge of the database structure changes and the others will want to add/modify/delete and view data (importing Excel files mostly). I am a little confused as to if I need to purchase Server along with Advanced, especially if in the future we decide to let our clients view the data via a web interface. I have been using/designing databases in Filemaker for about 15 years and have NEVER used web publishing. Also, I currently own FileMaker Advanced 8. Should I update to version 10 or is 8 sufficient?


      Any advice is very much appreciated!




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          There's no question in my mind: if you do any type of database development, use FileMaker Pro Advanced.  And from one of the product info pages:


          FileMaker Pro supports up to five simultaneous web users. If you need to support and share databases with larger groups of people over the web, FileMaker Server 10 Advanced supports up to 20x as many web users as FileMaker Pro.


          PS: Use Version 10 - there's so many advancements, version 8 doesn't compare.

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            Thank you for your post.


            If only three people are going to access the file, then you don't need FileMaker Server.


            FileMaker Pro does allow access to your database file through Instant Web Publishing.  You may want to try this locally first to see if it satisfies your needs.


            It is true that there are a lot more features available in FileMaker Pro 10, but from your brief description, I can't make a judgement whether you need it.  That is why I suggest you try what you have first.  Specific questions will emerge from your testing.



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