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Advice please on learning curve

Question asked by bobio01 on Sep 11, 2010
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Advice please on learning curve


I am exploring options for converting my AppleWorks databases into another program.  I understand the ASCII export/import task.  My databases are simple - a max of 6 fields, flat database, inventory and the like.  However, once in the new program I want to be able to continue to sort, add/delete records, AND choose the print format without having to redo steps every time I make a change.  If I use Apple Numbers and Pages I have to redo steps to print.  If I use Bento, a file that will print on 6 pages from Appleworks takes over 20 pages to print, since you can not create a custom print form.  So, my question:

For Filemaker, would there be a steep learning curve for me to be able to import and create the simple databases and print forms that I have described?  I know that this program would be a huge overkill, and more expensive, but so far I have not found any real substitute for the ease of AppleWorks once I have my databases created.  Thank you!