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    Advice please on learning curve



      Advice please on learning curve


      I am exploring options for converting my AppleWorks databases into another program.  I understand the ASCII export/import task.  My databases are simple - a max of 6 fields, flat database, inventory and the like.  However, once in the new program I want to be able to continue to sort, add/delete records, AND choose the print format without having to redo steps every time I make a change.  If I use Apple Numbers and Pages I have to redo steps to print.  If I use Bento, a file that will print on 6 pages from Appleworks takes over 20 pages to print, since you can not create a custom print form.  So, my question:

      For Filemaker, would there be a steep learning curve for me to be able to import and create the simple databases and print forms that I have described?  I know that this program would be a huge overkill, and more expensive, but so far I have not found any real substitute for the ease of AppleWorks once I have my databases created.  Thank you!

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          This sounds like a good "fit" for what you want to do. However, any time you set out to learn something new, the ease with which you learn it depends on your own abilities and prior experience. I suggest downloading the 30 day free trial copy and see if you can get it to work for you. Feel free to post back here if you encounter questions while evaluating the trial copy.