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    Advice please! Mac OS 10.7 upgrade



      Advice please! Mac OS 10.7 upgrade


      Hi All,

      For many years in school I have been happily using Filemaker Pro 6 for recording class marks. The program has successfully survived Mac os upgrades up to mac os 10.6 Snow Leopard. However, on recently upgrading os system to 10.7 - Lion, lo and behold, my faithful servant no longer is being supported. 

      Whilst I have no grounds for complaint, I do have a number of files which contain very some extremely useful layouts which I use regularly and would be loath to give up. So, my question is this: do I 'bite the bullet' and buy a more up to date database programme and start from scratch - if so, what would be suitable 'successor(s)' to Filemaker Pro 6? Or is there anything out there that I could use and 'import' my layouts?

      Any advice would be welcome.

      Many thanks in anticipation,



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          FileMaker 11 can convert a FileMaker 6 file into FileMaker 11. This process would allow you to retain the layouts, scripts etc of your original files while giving you the option to add new features/capabilities to your existing files. The conversion is not guaranteed to be perfect, however. After conversion, there's a good chance that you'll need to make some additional adjustments to scripts and such before all parts of your original system work as before.

          You can download the trial version of FileMaker and use it to create converted copies of your files to see how well this process works. Here's a link to a Knowledge Base Article on the subject that you should read before attempting the file conversion: http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/750/kw/converting

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            Hi PhilModjunk,

            Thanks for your reply.

            I have successfully converted a couple of my files (FM 6) using the Filemaker trial version but that was on a laptop running the Mac OS 10.6.  However, a problem arose when I was trying to install the Filemaker trial version on my laptop running the Mac OS 10.7 Lion. The installation 'hung' at the "Installation - Preparing for Installation........" with the horizontal loading bar. After many minutes waiting, eventually the whole laptop became unresponsive and froze.  The same outcome followed the three subsequent attempts to install the FM trial, with the process seizing at the same point.

            Any suggestions?

            Having looked around the forum I haven't picked up any major concern of compatibility of FM 11 and Lion, what would be your advice re taking a chance and purchasing Filemaker given I have had success in converting files in earlier versions albeit on an older laptop?




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              Any time you have installation trouble, a call to FileMaker tech support is a reasonable option. They have access to any known issue with Lion and can walk you through different steps to check for problems or implement a work around if one exists. I don't think they'll charge you for this kind of issue either.