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Advice to potential new user of Filemaker Pro Advanced

Question asked by beemerang on Mar 26, 2014
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Advice to potential new user of Filemaker Pro Advanced


     Hi All

     I am about to take the plunge and purchase Filemaker Pro Advanced. Before I do, I'd like to ask for some advice on whether it will meet my needs and would be grateful for any feedback.

     I will be developing databases for clients that focus on the collection of data. This will take place via iPhone and iPad devices onsite with the requirement that data be synced back to the home office database wirelessly (and preferably in realtime). Desktop users will access the main database via windows and desktop machines as well as a web interface. My questions are as follows:

  1.           Is wireless syncing supported without Filemaker Server or is it a requirement? In other words, if I purchase Filemaker Pro Advanced, will I be able to create a standalone application (That does not require Filemaker to be installed on the client's computer) and be able to sync information between several iPads and the main database? If yes, up to how many mobile devices are supported. It seems to be 5 from what I have read, is this correct? Also, can this sync take place even if the mobile devices are in a different geographic location or do all devices have to be on the same wireless network?
  3.           In a scenario where Filemaker Server is required, would I buy a license or would the client be required to buy it? Would I need to buy a copy of Filemaker Server for each database project that I do for different clients or would I buy it once and then add users as needed for the different clients?
  5.           Is the web interface functionality included in Filemaker Server or Filemaker Pro Advanced? If Filemaker Server, am I able to buy one license and then use it for all my different client projects?

     Many thanks in advance

     PS: I did download a trial version but due to unexpected international travel I was unable to spend time evaluating the software, hence these questions.