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Advice/Guidance: Importing data from flat file

Question asked by JosephMauriello on Sep 9, 2014
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Advice/Guidance: Importing data from flat file


Hi All,

We've been using filemaker for almost a year where I work to keep track of participants in a research program. We previously used excel. When we first switched over to filemaker, someone simply imported the excel file into a single table. 

Recently, we realized that we need a more robust solution. I volunteered, since I have some experience programming data driven web sites. 

I've built a somewhat complex, multi-table solution that fills all of our needs, and now the time has come to import the old data. Is there a good way to do this, maintaining the relationships in the data without the need for doing it manually? 

The old table has no reliable ID field (though I suppose I could make one?). Even if I did, my new solution has it's own ID convention that I'd rather not loose... I suppose I could use a calculation that created the id and use that to populate the Primary Key field in my new table, but then would I be able to add auto-incrementing once the import has been done? 

Has anyone done something like this? Can you offer any advice? Thanks!